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About JD

JD Energy Conservation Co.,Ltd (ANT) was founded in June 2003, formerly known as advanced nano technology Corporation.

As the business expanded and resources Integration Division, in October 2010 in Taiwan set up ANT company limited, was established on the Mainland ANT Energy Conservation (Shenzhen) co., Ltd. High power LED and electronic components (conductivity) design and manufacture of heat.

Corporate Core value lies in coating technology, such as coating equipment manufacturing, technology development, design, application and promotion of counselling has deep expertise and broad experience. In the global environmental protection, energy saving, LED a series of advantages such as small size, the color changes. Luminous efficiency upgrading from previous years and the price factor, restricted in the use of specific markets. Because of light-emitting efficiency increased dramatically, prices are subject to market acceptance, especially lighting and backlighting are clearly growing market penetration. High power (brightness) LED the demand for market penetration of growth, and substantial growth, relatively very good (radiating) heat in the role of the high power LED will become more and more attention. If heat cannot be effectively discharged, heat accumulation point temperature rise, led luminous efficiency and luminous wavelength shorter, life expectancy will be reduced.

Has given this we combination material and the plating film technology, invasive technology in metal base plate (as aluminum, and 5052 aluminum) surface growth into a layer 3D Nano ceramic layer, both insulation and thermal conductivity, after number years of efforts, has full aluminum metal base plate for high power (brightness) LED can provides integration sexual Guide (emission) hot products, has full of design and the manufacturing technology ability and market penetration rate expanded of while, brand has was domestic, and outside famous customer of identity. And actively with the Taiwan National Science Council, Feng Chia University industry-university cooperation, the core technology and advanced national invention patent. And environmental protection in processes and products. Roots to establish and implement this technology in customer oriented, quality and innovative techniques to marketing strategies, providing customers with satisfactory products for the purpose. Hsu in the green industry for the Earth.